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Picking a Cat

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Cats are wonderful companions. Their entertaining antics and affectionate behaviors have endeared these animals to millions of owners. They come in all colors and with all kinds of coats--short, long, or curly. Some cats are quiet and appear somewhat independent, but all cats need and want attention. Most readily adapt to a variety of environments. There are purebreds and mixed breeds. Each has certain characteristics. Although every cat is unique, certain breeds tend to be more inquisitive, lively, placid, vocal, or gentle than others. Veterinarians, cat-fancy clubs, pet stores, and cat shows are good sources of information about the personalities of various breeds.
Selecting a Kitten
Use criteria similar to those used in selecting a dog. The kitten should be neither too shy nor too aggressive. A healthy kitten actively seeks affection from people. Easily housebroken and fastidious, cats don't have to be walked. For these reasons, many apartment owners and condominium associations allow their residents to keep cats.
Keeping Cats Healthy
A cat's air of independence does not mean that it can take care of all its own needs. To prevent life-threatening diseases and enjoy healthy lives, cats require regular veterinary medical checkups and vaccinations. Ask your veterinarian about the common signs of feline illness.
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