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"Thanks for being so good with Blackie last week. She was so sick, and we were so worried. It's people like you that make us pet owners happy and relieved at the end of the day."
Bob and Sara White
"When we brought our iguanas in we thought we'd never see them again. But Dr. Jones worked his magic and now they're just as beautiful as the day we got them from Ecuador."
Tom and Dina Jefferson
"Thanks for participating in our call-in show on pet problems. We needed an expert voice of reason and it was a smashing success for all our listeners and ratings, too."
Alicyn Dobbs, Producer
"Dr. Jones is really good. She knew exactly what was wrong with Rover and more important, what to do about it, too. She'll be catching frisbees again before we know it. Thanks!"
John Tyson
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