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Our Docs

Dr. Bob Jones started The Vet, Inc. in 1988. He is a 1986 graduate of State University. He has extensive training in ultrasound and endoscopy. The American Board of Veterinary practitioners recently certified Dr. Jones as a diplomate. This required rigorous study and testing by the board. We are very proud of his achievement. His interests are gastrointestinal disease, cardiology and oncology.

Dr. Jones and his wife Jennifer have two children, John Jr. and Joanna. Family pets are Bessy, Casper, Brewsky and Casey the cats, Skippy and Ray the dogs, a lop-eared rabbit named Howard and Jennifer's horse Bucky. Dr. Jones loves motorcycling and camping.


Dr. Kim Smith joined Dr. Jones' practice in 1990 and became a partner in 1994. She is a 1989 graduate of State University. She has extensive training and interest in Veterinary dentistry (i.e. fillings and root canals). Other interests include all aspects of feline medicine, oncology (cancer) and endocrinology.

Dr. Smith and her husband Frank have a son, Pete. Their extended family includes Jerome and Pete the family cats, Bobo, a retired greyhound, and 26 Guinea pigs who have names but they are too numerous to mention here. The doctor's hobbies include sailing and gardening.


Dr. Daisy Doe joined the staff in 1993 after graduation from State University. Her interests include dermatology (allergic skin disease), oncology, emergency and critical care of animals. She was recognized recently on Channel 4 and by 60 Minutes for her work in saving thoroughbred racehorses on Kentucky and Maryland farms.

Dr. Doe and her husband Mike have an extensive pet family. The zoo consists of one horse Pacman, 2 parakeets, 4 cats and 2 dogs, one of which has recently undergone a limb amputation and chemotherapy. Dr. Doe enjoys horseback riding, reading and volleyball.

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